Refresh yourself with our fresh-brewed unsweet tea, brewed right here in Tennessee.


Indulge yourself with our Premium Amaretto Creme Chocolate bars. You'll love the sweet, almond flavor and the rich and creamy filling.

Amaretto Creme Chocolate

All our milk is from East Tennessee cows, so we can get it from the farm to your table in less than 24 hours.

2% Milk

Best cup of iced coffee in town, perfect for a ‘chill’ start to your day.

Iced Coffee

Perfect for a freshly prepared lunch on the go, our sandwiches are handmade to order.


Perfect for a freshly prepared lunch on the go, our hoagies and subs are handmade to order.

Hoagies & Subs

An East Tennessee classic, our tamales are some of the best in the state.


All our milk is from East Tennessee cows, so we can get it from the farm to your table in less than 24 hours.

Vitamin D Milk

Unlike any other, our unique process makes sure our Skim really is a D’Lite to drink.

Skim D'Lite Milk

With three Tennessee State Fair 1st place titles under its belt, there isn't a better chocolate milk in town.

Chocolate Milk

Our signature delicious donut, filled with creamy, delicious fillings.

Filled Bismarck

The bigger the better, and our cookies are no exception.

Large Cookies

Our Long Johns are the perfect donut to eat on the go, the perfect shape and in a variety of flavors: Filled White Crème, Filled Bavarian Crème, Chocolate Iced or Maple Iced.

Long Johns

Two chocolate cakes with vanilla frosting filling in between, it’s one of our favorites.

Whoopie Pies

Dig into our own specialty soft serve ice cream, creamy chocolate, crisp vanilla, or a swirl of both! Try it with our various toppings!

Soft Serve

Cheese up your routine and try a Weigel’s Cheddarwurst. If you’re already hooked, mix it up with some toppings!


Crunchy on the outside, pure pizza goodness on the inside.

Pizza Sticks

Who would have thought we could make the burger even better? Well we did, and you can find our cheeseburger rollerbite hot on the grill.


Choose from a variety of Weigel’s homemade biscuits, all filled with the right ingredients to get your morning started. Made fresh every morning!

Bun On The Run

Perfect for a cold winter day, to warm you up all day long. Goes great with onion rings!


100% real juice, bottled right in East Tennessee

Orange Juice

Get a grip of your wild side with our Wild Berry Muffin, made right here in Knoxville.

Wild Berry Muffin

Walk down the red velvet carpet to make you feel like a star on your morning commute.

Red Velvet Muffin

Like berries in your bar? Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Raspberry Burst chocolate bar adds a hint of raspberry to our rich, dark and smooth European chocolate for a transcendent experience.

Raspberry Burst Chocolate

Make every morning remind you of perfect fall days with our Pumpkin Muffin, made right here in Knoxville.

Pumpkin Muffin

Truffles. Peanut butter. Smooth and creamy European milk chocolate. Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Peanut Butter Truffle chocolate bars bring them all together at long last.

Peanut Butter Truffle Chocolate

Orange you glad we put delicious cranberries in this muffin? Delicious and fruity, made right here in Knoxville.

Orange Cranberry Muffin

Crave the crunch. A timeless pairing of classic favorites, Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Mint Cookie Crunch chocolate bars combine rich, dark European chocolate with the mint and cookie crunch you’ve been craving.

Mint Cookie Crunch Chocolate

Our Lemon Poppy muffin is the perfect pair to a cup of Weigel's Coffee, made right here in Knoxville.

Lemon Poppy Muffin

The deliciousness of our classic glazed donut, with a twist... literally.

Glazed Twist

Roll on up and get a cinnamon roll, made fresh every morning in Knoxville.

Cinnamon Roll

This is a cinnamon challenge everyone will love. Made right here in Knoxville.

Cinnamon Muffin

Peanut and caramel lovers rejoice at the glorious union of flavors in the smooth and creamy European milk chocolate of a Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Chunky Peanut & Sea Salt Caramel chocolate bar.

Chunky Peanut & Sea Salt Caramel

A chocolate lovers dream, made right here in Knoxville!

Chocolate Muffin

Brownie Batter? Yep. Smooth, creamy European milk chocolate? Check. Go ahead and indulge yourself with Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Brownie Batter chocolate bar. Thank us later.

Brownie Batter Chocolate
Blueberry Muffin

Fresh made whole or by-the-slice, our pizza is the perfect grab for lunch or a family movie night. Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, or Supreme!


Go bananas and nuts over our banana nut muffin, made right here in Knoxville.

Banana Nut Muffin

Made with the freshest ingredients, you're gonna love our scratch-made ring donuts.

Blueberry Donut

Made with the freshest ingredients, you're gonna love our scratch-made ring donuts.

Chocolate Donut

A taste of the beach encased in smooth and creamy European milk chocolate, Weigel’s Mountain Valley Premium Salty Sea Shore Caramel chocolate bars are a vacation you can always afford.

Salty Sea Shore Caramel Chocolate

Made with the freshest ingredients, you're gonna love our scratch-made ring donuts.


Taste the taste of fall, made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

Pumpkin Spice

Delicious vanilla and sweet caramel, made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

Caramel Macchiato

Put an extra pep in your step with our French Vanilla Alert, made from real coffee, with extra caffeine. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

French Vanilla Alert

All the deliciousness of French Vanilla, without the fat. Made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

Fat-Free French Vanilla

All Weigel’s hot cappuccinos are made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

English Toffee

Creamy white chocolate and delicious caramel, made with real coffee and pure cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

White Chocolate Caramel

Vanilla and Chocolate form to make the perfect cup. Made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

Vanilla Mocha

Double the vanilla, double the satisfaction. Made with real coffee and real cane sugar. Transfat-free. Gluten free.

Double French Vanilla

Bite-sized deliciousness, why stop at one of our amazing mini oatmeal raisin cookies?

Mini Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Smaller size doesn’t mean smaller flavor. Indulge in one (or seven) of our delicious mini chocolate chip cookies.

Mini Chocolate Chip

You may get a black eye from this fruity explosion. But it’s worth it.

Fruit Punch

Half fresh-brewed tea, half crisp lemonade, completely perfect.

Half & Half

Orange you glad all our teas are fresh brewed in East Tennessee and made with 100% real sugar?

Orange Tea

When life handed us lemons, we made the best dang lemon tea in town. With 100% real sugar of course.

Lemon Tea

Made just like it should, fresh brewed and with 100% real cane sugar.

Sweet Tea

If you like it better put a ring on it! A fresh fried Weigel’s onion ring is the perfect ring for any occasion.

Onion Rings

Every day is Fry-day at Weigel’s, with our hot crinkle cut fries. Available in small and large.

French Fries (Small and Large)

Fried to order, these crispy wedges will have you back for more.

Potato Wedges

One leg to rule them all… Weigel’s delicious fried chicken legs, that is.

Chicken Legs

Fried fresh to order, our chicken tenders are 100% chicken, 100% tender, and 100% irresistible.

Chicken Tenders

Wake up the traditional East Tennessee way with our original roast, Weigel's signature morning blend for over 50 years.


Made to order right on our grill, and cooked to a golden gooey perfection.

Grilled Cheese

Fried right to order, try our chicken sandwich in regular or spicy. Comes with mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Chicken Sandwich

Two breakfast classics, both grilled fresh, just the way you’d make them on your own grill. Served on white or wheat bread.

Bacon & Egg

Made from scratch, just like you’d make at home. Comes with fresh cracked eggs and deliciously salty country ham, on white or wheat bread.

Country Ham & Egg

Fresh cracked eggs, sausage hot off the grill. Combine with wheat or white bread, you simply can’t go wrong.

Sausage & Egg

You’ll feel like you’re at a big league game with our fresh grilled hot dogs, available with a variety of out of this league toppings.

Hot Dogs

Our riblets are always in season, with tender meat and BBQ sauce, it's the perfect snack.

Riblet Jr.

The sky is falling! Our chicken junior can help calm you back down.

Chicken Jr.

Baked fresh daily, our corndogs are unlike anywhere else.


An irresistible combination of spicy chicken, delicious provolone, and our signature marinara.

Zesty Chicken

Don't be a chicken, try our Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich, available only at Weigel’s.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

100% Angus, 100% perfect. You won't complain until it’s gone.

100% Angus Burger

Baked fresh early every morning, so you can sleep in.

Breakfast Biscuit

The newest icy frozen offering only from Weigel’s, in a variety of flavors!


It’s hard to beat the original Icee, available in Cherry and Cola.


It’s never too late for coffee! Enjoy the rich flavors of our Original Decaf any time of day, without losing the flavor.

Original Decaf

Milk or dark chocolate, perfect for any chilly day, or even a summer treat! Comes fresh made with Weigel’s Skim, 2%, or Vitamin D milk.

Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a fresh made Weigel's smoothie, with an array of flavors to mix and match with. Also add a protein, energy, or veggie shot for an extra bonus!


Take a break from the pool and cool down with a Weigel’s Milkshake. 4 deliciously creamy flavors to choose from!


Blast away from the summer heat, this thick ice cream treat will cool you off in no time, with over 75 different flavor/topping combos!

Polar Blast

Pretend you’re at the Tennessee Valley Fair with a hot buttery pretzel, and choose cinnamon or salt as your hand-sprinkled topping.

Hot Soft Pretzels

Hot and crispy, there's just nothing like our Tater Tots. Add a little extra flavor and top with chili and cheese for just 50 cents more!

Tater Tots

Chopped and prepared fresh daily, get your veggie fix with our house or chef salads. Goes great with any of our smoothies!


Melt away all your problems with our fresh made melted grilled cheese. Customize and add whatever you’d like!

Classic Grilled Cheese

Spice it up! Served with pickles and topped with melted swiss american cheese. Might want to pick up a fresh brewed tea to cool back down.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Keep it classic and enjoy one of our hot burgers, made fresh at all of our locations.


Add some spice to your lunch with a freshly made Chicken Fajita, or cheese it up with a gooey Cheese Quesadilla.


Nothing like our hot, cheesy paninis to keep you going all day. Italian, turkey & cheese, and ham & cheese all available, or get creative!


All you could ever ask for, especially if you’re asking for fresh sausage, eggs, bacon, salsa, and rice all wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Breakfast Burrito

Our breakfast pizza is the perfect triangle of egg, bacon, and sausage; with a generous helping of cheese to start your morning off right.

Breakfast Pizza

Wake up to our freshly made breakfast panini! Comes with crisp tomato, sliced onion, egg, and ham; customize it any way you like!

Breakfast Panini
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